Our Ministries

Come work with us! Our congregation strives to do God’s will and diligently take on the character of Christ. Our mission is to carry on His work. Let’s get involved.



Attendance Accountability

Weekly attendance is tracked for congregational metrics and to maintain accountability within the congregation.


Communion Preparation

This team ensures communion is prepared in a timely fashion on each Lord’s Day.


Congregational Community Outreach

This ministry meets once a month to fellowship, provide food to the community, and go out into the community to share the word and do great works in the name of the Lord.


Culinary Ministry

This ministry provides meals for many of our congregational events such as FRESH Sunday, Youth Sunday, Ministry Summits, 4th Sunday Singings, Funerals, etc.


E.A.G.L.E.S. Ministry

EAGLES stands for Embracing A God Fearing Lifestyle for Everyday Situations and provides mentorship and encouragement for young men ages 9-15.


F.R.E.S.H. Sunday

FRESH stands for Friends & Relatives Embracing Spiritual Holiness and hosts Special Topics on various Sundays throughout the year.


His Grace Is Sufficient Column (Sisters)

This monthly column is based on II Corinthians 12:8-10 and is aimed to provide comfort to all sisters of the congregation.


Hospitality Ministry

This ministry compliments the New Member Orientation class by providing a proper welcome to all new members  and new converts.


Marriage Ministry

The Marriage Ministry provides educational classes for the married couples of the congregation.


Missionary Ministry (Akwatia Ghana)

This ministry outreach has been financially supported by WOCOC for the past decade. Funds were used to build a well to provide fresh running water for the village, school, and church, a computer learning center, and additional bathrooms for the congregation, and school.


New Convert & Spiritual Gift Identification Classes

These classes work in conjunction with the New Member Orientation to help all members identify their spiritual gifts and their manifestation, for proper ministry placement and service.


New Member Orientation

These meetings assist in acclimating the new members to the WOCOC community.


Potters Column

This monthly column is based on Jeremiah 18:6 and challenges the congregation to examine how they are being molded in the Potter’s Hands.


Publishing Ministry

This ministry designs marketing materials and provides printed materials for the congregation


PURPOSE Ministry

PURPOSE Ministry is designed to fill in the gaps of many of the congregational needs that may exist from time to time, and provides counseling and pastoral services to the flock through the eldership.


S.W.A.N.S. Ministry

SWANS stands for Sisters With A New Spirit and provides mentorship and encouragement for young women ages 9-15.


Salt of the Earth Column

This monthly column is based on Matthew 5:13 and encourages the congregation to assess how their lifestyle has a bigger impact on the world around them.


Senior Saint Sunday Lunch Ministry

These meals are created with the Seniors in mind and provides a convenient meal for the seniors in between worship services.


Seven Enoch Saheli Children’s Class

This class is geared for youth ages 4-8 to establish a biblical foundation for the youth to use as they grow in the Lord.


Teaching Curriculum

The teaching schedule is decided by leadership to address the pertinent needs of the congregation, for the purpose of individual and collective spiritual growth.


Website Ministry

The website ministry maintains the Church’s digital footprint and online presence.


Young Christian Scholars

This ministry provides fellowship, holistic support, and lessons for high school youth that prove to be relevant in their every day life.


Youth Sunday

Youth Sundays are crafted with hand selected topics and speakers from the youth, to ensure a fresh word is applied to their lives and unique situations.


YouTube Ministry

The YouTube Ministry ensures that sermons are recorded, edited, and published routinely.

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