Using It All For Him

Using It All For Him

Luke 7:36-50

The woman of sin mentioned in Luke 7:36-50 was one who continually transgressed the will of God. Based upon the Geek word for sinner in the text (hamartolos), she is described as one who habitually deviated from the path of God. Her life of sin was not a secret, for it was mentioned by Luke, the Pharisees, and Christ informed Simon that her sins were many (Luke 7:37, 39, 47). Just as every Christian, this woman of sin grew tired of her life of disobedience. She was so distraught and disgusted with herself it drew her to tears.

When she realized Jesus was in town and eating in the home of a Pharisee, she approached Christ, stood behind him, and wept. She was ready for change and knew that her redeemer lived and possessed all power. What she did next stands as an illustration of how all Christians must use the provisional blessings of God for His Kingdom.

She used her tears to clean the feet of Jesus, her hair to wipe and dry them, and her lips to worship and reverence Him. She then used the oil/perfume from her alabaster box to anoint the feet of Jesus in praise and adoration. In perfect harmony the sinful woman who was ready for salvation and tired of living a life riddled with mistakes and regrets, used what she had naturally and what she obtained blessedly to worship God. She came into the world with hair, lips, and the ability to produce tears. She used what God gave her genetically to praise him. In addition she purchased, someone gave to her, or she earned an alabaster box full of precious and sweet-smelling oils. The picture is clear; she used what she had and what she obtained all for the benefit of the glory of God and his kingdom.

The meditative message is certain. All that God blesses His children with should be used harmoniously for the benefit of the kingdom. Your job, home, material assets, family, marriage, education, etc., should not be hindrances to your worship, but enhancers.

After growing weary and developing a level of godly-sorrow, the woman of sin put all that she had in a cohesive package and used it for the praise of God. She had sinned much and therefore was forgiven much. She no longer compartmentalized her life, she began to use it all for Him. Do not allow particular elements in your life to be used as distractions to a successful completion of your spiritual journey. Remember, you are the clay In The Potter’s Hands.God has paved a way to save  you today!

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