Until The Harvest

Until The Harvest
Matthew 14:24-30

God intends for His children to be entrenched in a perpetual growth cycle with supreme and edifying continuity. Trailing not far behind any condition of positive growth, maturity, or advancement are the envious, covetous, malicious, and scandalous. Many who live among the miserably mired are threatened by growth and success. In American culture success is often measured by growth in the form of employment promotions, advanced degrees, multiple cars, growing financial assets, and prosperous portfolios.  All of the later may be nice to have, but they do not constitute the type of growth God is concerned with. With growth God makes it clear that problems will be intrinsically connected.

In Matthew 14:24-30 consistent growth was occurring, but problems wrapped themselves around the success to the point to where if the problem would have been sacrificed the success would have died as well. This was the case because the growth was not yet complete. Bear in mind that the growth began in isolation and under successful conditions, but once the word was out an enemy entered during the time of rest. The devil is always walking around seeking whom he can destroy (1 Peter 5:8).

During the process of growth there will be some problems and even demons, which simply cannot be touched. Your friends will attempt to come to your aid, but will soon be made aware, if acting out of wisdom, they will cause more damage than good. However, when maturity is reached the problem will be resolved without the success being hampered.

When you are in the process of growing, let God resolve your problems at the appropriate time. The problem connected to your growth and success could be a person, job, educational course, roommate, etc. Eliminating the entity too soon or before maturity could have a grave impact on perfect development. In growth there will be increased success and increased problems. Perfect growth is manifested at harvest time. It is at harvest time that maturation occurs. Therefore, focus on continued growth, pray and wait for harvest, and let God separate the wheat from the tares in the season of spiritual expediency. Remember, you are the clay In The Potter’s Hands. God has paved a way to save you today!

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