Spiritual Commitment

Spiritual Commitment

Luke 9:57-62

How easy it is to generate an excuse, anticipating the relief of spiritual duty. What really is most important in the life of every Christian? What or who is sincerely prioritized as number one? It is easy to claim God, but how many are actually living spiritually committed lives? In the text of meditation, investigation and ponder, Jesus makes it plain. In essence, the message is, do not start the race simply to drop out. As you begin the Christian race and walk, count on and prepare for a lifetime commitment.

As indicated in verse 57, the true value of commitment is measured through times of stress, chaos, injustice, and wrong. Jesus said He had no place of his own to lay his head. To walk with Him takes sacrifice and some discomfort.

The men Jesus confronted concocted excuses. They first needed to tend to their own carnal affairs before following the Messiah. Psychologically, what rationales ruminate in the mind of the soul who justifies inconsistent worship service, Bible class, and fellowship attendance? What goes through the mind of the person who acts in rebellion and resistance because they dislike the preachers, elders, deacons, or the leadership team in general? Their commitment level and output has been distorted and replaced with carnal justifications. All have rationalized and attempted to justify a multiplicity of things, scenarios, and situations, but when it comes to spiritual matters, they are too costly, risky, and dangerous.

In addition to the excuses, there is always someone in worse circumstances. An older sister of the cross, named Rosie Cleveland would attend four-hour physically taxing and energy draining dialyses sessions on Sunday mornings and then arrive on time for Sunday school ready to study and worship. She never complained or even shared the dynamics of her situation for the purpose of being applauded. She simply exuded spiritual commitment.

When many adults prepare for worship or Bible class, they only have to worry about getting themselves ready. What about the parents and mothers who in addition to taking care of themselves must bathe babies and children, dress them, brush their teeth, comb their hair, and wrestle with car seats and buckles. It takes commitment, planning, and preparation to be spiritually committed to God and it is what He requires. The next time you begin to rationalize or justify a type of fraudulent commitment to God, think about someone with more difficult circumstances, continuing to be spiritually committed. Give yourself to God and remember, you are the clay In The Potter’s Hands. God has paved a way to save you today!          

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