Revelation 1:7

“Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so, Amen” (Revelation 1:7).  The aforementioned scripture illustrates the majesty of Christ. From Old and New Testament perspectives the term majesty evokes concepts such as, beauty, excellency, glory, superbness, magnificence, mighty power, splendor, and divinity.

In essence the majestic Christ is who all people should be striving to seek and fall in love with. He is King of kings and Lord of lords. The Bible records the splendor of Christ as His majesty. His voice is full of majesty and He is clothed with majesty. The voice of the LORD is powerful; the voice of the LORD is full of majesty” (Psalms 29:4).The LORD reigneth, he is clothed with majesty; the LORD is clothed with strength, wherewith he hath girded himself: the world also is stablished, that it cannot be moved” (Psalms 93:1).

In the Song of Solomon Jesus is described as “…The rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys” (Song of Solomon 2:1). Specifically, Sharon is about 30 miles long and from 8 to 15 miles broad, celebrated for its beauty and fertility. This Palestinian location is rich in beauty and fragrance. It is not the symbolic essence of the immaculate Christ in the midst of thorns and thistles, it is the most beautiful Christ surrounded by lesser beauty, but alleged beauty nonetheless.

Lord Jesus is so majestic, He is surrounded by His beautiful bride, the church. He is the Rose of Sharon and the lilly of the valley. One preacher said: The rose is strong and has the ability to be beautiful alone or with another bouquet. Its fragrance, spirit, personality, can fill a room or heart. A lily is a sweet and a fragrant flower. A lily is white and very beautiful; within it are seven grains or seeds, of the color of gold, so amiable that our Saviour saith, “That even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.” It is observed that the lily is exceeding fruitful; one root puts forth fifty bulbs or scallions. The lily is the tallest of flowers, yet hangs down its head. The lily is a flower that hath many medicinal virtues; the distilled water of a lily is good to restore a lost voice, it helps faintness, is good for the liver, helps the dropsy; and the oil of it is good for divers maladies. Because He is Majesty, seek Christ. You are the Clay in The Potter’s Hands. God has paved a way to save you today!

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