Kingdom Position & Disposition

Kingdom Position & Disposition

Luke 17 & Acts 20:31

The church remains plagued by an adversary who is inferior to the Spirit and power of God. However, Satan relentlessly pushes, seeking to kill, destroy, and discourage Christians. Ephesians 5:14-17 expresses the importance of redeeming the time. The devil works methodically, all the while supplanting, plotting, and covertly scheming. Suddenly it is realized that the devil has stolen personal spiritual gifts like faithfulness, righteousness, zeal, passion, praise, worship, and conversion.

Thus as it is explored today, there is an emergent swell of apathy, mediocrity, and lethargy racing through the kingdom. Our congregations are declining, passion is waning, and a polite response is allowing the stench to have its way. At some point enough must be enough and the people of God must repent, transform, and evangelize the world through obedient living and sharing the Word.

In Acts chapter 28, the apostle Paul met with the Elders of Ephesus to warn them of the impending assault against the church and specific members therein. He met with the men for three years proclaiming an urgent message. He did not inform them that they would be able to stop the invasion, but he wanted the Pastors of the kingdom to brace themselves so they could protect as many sheep as possible. The message and emotion of Paul cannot be ignored. The text says he warned them with tears for three years, day and night. However, why is it that the zest and fervor of Paul kept him concerned before the assault, but Christian today are surrounded by the prophesied reality, but who is crying and proclaiming the warning.

There is a sweeping condition hampering the church. For some kingdom position is in place, but it is the disposition that is unpleasing. In Luke 17:11-19, ten lepers approached Jesus with a plea to be healed. Jesus heard there cry and responded affirmatively to their initial request. Jesus healed the ten lepers, placing them all in the right position, but only one of the ten returned to thank Christ. They were all cleansed and healed, but only the one who returned was made whole. Ten of the men were placed in the right position, but only one was given and developed the right disposition. If the people of God are to reach maximum potential, both elements and conditions must be fully at work, disposition and position. When both dynamics are not in operation apathy and mediocrity sweep through the kingdom, disrupting the service and ministry of the saints.

The question is, where are you in the equation? Have you become apathetic and are you currently displaying and or accepting mediocrity? Reclaim the passion, revere God and respect the cross. You are the clay In the Potter’s Hands. God has paved a way to save and comfort you today!

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