Jesus Is the Answer

Jesus Is The Answer!

No matter the circumstance, malady, ailment, conundrum, enigma, or crisis, Jesus is the answer! Throughout life, we sometimes find ourselves in overwhelming situations. During those moments it appears that there is no way out. Under such momentary duress, it is difficult to successfully navigate, and generally that is the case because we are trying to do things our way. We seek to use our intelligence, ingenuity, brilliance, and talents and all of that is fine because God blessed us with the intellectual, spiritual, and physical gifts we have. However, we are never to utilize the granted blessings of God, under our own recognizance. We cannot put our thoughts, desires, and decisions, over the will and expectations of God. Christ emphasizes 7 times within Revelation chapters 2-3, that if we are going to overcome, we must listen to the Holy Spirit of God.

Again, plainly stated, Jesus is the answer! Despite all the evil, violence, fraud, deceit, and sin that saturates the world, Jesus is the answer! It is so easy to become impatient, attempting to move ahead of God. Yet, we are not the answer, He is! In Exodus 14, God told Moses to stand still and watch His salvation. The Bible is replete with voluminous factual accounts of the healing power and rescue missions of the Messiah. It is so amazing to be found in a concluded predicament of despair to simply observe the salvific presence of Jesus arise on the scene.

If Jesus saved the people contained within the book, He truly can save and rescue you, regardless of the condition. When Lazarus was dead, Jesus was the answer! If Christ contains the awesome power of quickening a dead body, imagine the kind of life He can bring to the broken and dead situations in life. When the Gadarene was possessed with evil and demonic spirits, Jesus was the answer! There are times when our spirit can be overtaken with envy, jealousy, anger, wrath, bitterness, and arrogance. However, if Jesus could heal the demon-possessed, imagine the power He will unleash upon your life, restoring a right spirit within you.

Have you ever been in a situation where you simply lost focus for a while, and during that phase of life made horrible and costly decisions? Even those who were blind in the midst of Jesus, He had the power to heal. We have all made decisions based upon momentary blindness because of pride and rebellion. In such cases, Jesus is still the answer and can give to all of us the recovery of sight. Perhaps one of the largest of all is the fact that sometimes we do not want to listen. For the deaf people who lived in the day of Jesus, He was still the answer. Not only did He deliver sight recovery, He opened the ears of those who could not hear His melodious message. If the cares and crisis of life has made you hard of hearing, Jesus is the answer. In your moments of doubt, distress, grief, and weakness, trust God and do not deny Him. Jesus is the answer! Remember, you are the clay In the Potter’s Hands. God has paved a way to save and comfort you today!

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