Marcus Portraits-12Intellect has always been captivating. The same is true in religion.

We listen more to people who we deem as intelligent. We go to great lengths to be seen as smart. We crave deeper levels  and higher meaning.

It sounds noble and spiritual, but often this pursuit misses the mark, mostly because it is only appealing to flesh. That’s why simple sermons bore us.
But depth is merely the mastery of the little things. Meaning is found in the application of the simple.

Certainly there are some complex and high-minded realities with God. We can’t fathom His thoughts, understand His ways, comprehend His being.

But He is not all that interested in us doing so, either. Perhaps because He knows it’s futile.
One of the beauties of God’s relationship with man is it’s simplicity. His yoke is easy and His burden is light.

After 11 chapters of wisdom and eloquence, Solomon came to a simple conclusion in Ecclesiastes: fear God and keep his commandments.

After the baptism of Christ, the heavens open and God’s voice descended from above. The Author of Wisdom could have revealed ages-long mysteries or overwhelmed us with His omniscience. Instead …

“This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased. Listen to him!” (Matt. 17:5)


The apostle Paul was dealing with supernatural stuff in Corinthians when discussing tongues and prophesies and spiritual gifts. Ultimately, he boiled it down to “love never fails.”

The saints in Colosse were being seduced by people telling them how they needed to attain higher levels of spirituality. Paul urged them to stick to what they believed in from the beginning (Col. 1:23).

Throughout the Bible we see a great and mighty God helping His people participate in a divine system way over their heads by  making it simple.

The Gospel embodies this. If you think about it, eternity and holiness and righteousness will blow your mind. Lifetimes can be exhausted learning of a gracious and merciful God. The history of man, creation, divinity, angels — this is some deep, deep stuff. What God has done for us, His love for us, we can’t grasp it.

Yet God has taken all that and simplified it in Christ. Jesus embodied all the glory and magnificence and profoundness a God. He’s made it so we don’t have to fully understand His greatness, just follow Jesus.


Don’t try to be deep. Master the simple. Don’t search for meaning. Experience meaning by applying the basics.