His Liberation

His Liberation

Acts 12:5-8


Liberation is holistically God’s eternal business in the life of His Spirit-Rich children. His superlative outstretched arm, pure representation of His sovereign majesty, operates in sheer prestige and perfection. Because of Him true freedom is realized, actualized, and internalized, and depressed bondage and imprisonment are escaped. He delivers the helpless and flawed, flawlessly. His liberation makes the crooked straight, the un-esteemed great, and from the bitter He surgically removes hate.

It was Adam who laid as a powerless, yet perfectly sculpted lump of dust-created-flesh that was liberated from unconsciousness to conscious by the breath/Spirit of God (Genesis 2:7). Adam could not help himself just as Jonah who found himself overwhelmed and consumed by a fish in the river, three days later being liberated by God and delivered to dry ground (Jonah 1:17; 2:10). What about Hannah who experienced liberation through the riveting revelation that she would birth the son she longed for (1 Samuel 1:19-20).

The apostle Peter encountered divine liberation through omnipotent force and might. He was arrested, apprehended, and accosted by four soldiers and cast into prison. The faithful members of the church prayed for his rescue (Acts 12:5). In custody and jail cell he slept between two soldiers, bound in chains, while additional soldiers guarded his prison gate.

The apostle could not liberate himself, but into his calamity God delivered His light, touched his flesh, and lifted him up, informing him to Arise (Acts 12:6-7). In amazement Peter arose, composed himself, and followed God to absolute freedom. It was so miraculous he initially doubted its reality, confusing it with a dream (Acts 12:8-10).

It is God who liberates, but before He speaks spiritual, psychological, or physical liberation into existence, He must be unequivocally clear that He is acknowledged as Liberator and He alone. Let Him liberate you from the cares of life in all their multiple forms. Give it to Him, let Him work Liberation in your life.

Remember, you are the clay In The Potter’s Hands. God has paved a way to liberate you today!       

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